Saturday, 31 August 2019

Delete the Cam scanner app now!!!

camscanner malware

Your portable mobile scanner is infected with malware!!

We come across many apps in our smart phones which triggers lots of advertisements(almost all free apps). As we tend to use free version of apps, we don’t have privilege to disable the Ads. If you want seamless ad free experience you need to spend bucks for purchasing the premium version of app. Recently cam scanner was surrounded with new controversy which looks very scary‼️‼️

Cam Scanner has been removed from the plays store!!

The malware is Trojan Dropper, it’s a software which runs and downloads additional modules on the smartphone without the user consent. In case of cam-scanner the malware runs multiple ads on the phone  and make user signup for paid services without there knowledge. Now let’s understand in layman terms how critical is this issue!!!

What is Malware?

malware trojan

Malware is a program/file that is harmful to a computer/smartphone user. Malware can be viruses, worms, Trojan horses or spyware. This program performs different types of functions like stealing user data, taking control over a specific computer function or system. Malware can monitor or even delete sensitive data without user's permission.

What is Cam scanner?

It's a widely used mobile app which converts your phone into a portable scanner. It helps to scan documents, ID's, images etc. It automatically crops the edges and enhance the scanned document. It has more than 100 million downloads on play store.

Why should I uninstall the Cam scanner app(Android users)?

delete camscanner

Prior to uninstalling the app you should first take backup of your important scanned data in the app. 

Steps To take backup of your files from Camscanner:

Till now the app was running smoothly but in recent versions of the app the security researchers have found malicious malware which was contained in app's advertising library, this malware is known as Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n. So what this Trojan malicious code does is downloads more malicious codes into your smartphone and make you sign up into paid services without your knowledge!!

You should delete the app from your phone until the app developers officially announce and upload a stable malware free version on the play store.

  • There are many old versions of the app on play store like Cam Scanner HD etc. but you should avoid downloading such versions as it may contain the malicious code.
  • The ios users don't need to worry about this as due to apple's strict privacy policy the app won't affect the apple users and it's malware free.

What if i need the stable malware free version ?

If you still need malware free version now, download the apk file provided by camscanner. 
Download the malware free apk file now by clicking this link-

Official Statement from Camscanner:

Steps To take backup of your files from Camscanner:

All users should be cautious about the usage of app if you have scanned your sensitive documents please move them to different location than delete the app, your data is your identity.

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