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Best Data Analytics Documentary you should watch now!!

A netflix documentary on Data Scam

"Data is the new Oil ? NO: Data is the new soil"
-David Mccandless

Do you know how much data we create every single day?

- It's over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and it's continuosly growing at an unimaginable speed.

Last week I watched this eye-opener documentary on Netflix - 'THE GREAT HACK'. It's a must watch data analytics documentary on how a company used data to create bias among the people and change their perception using data analytics.Being into the field of data i feel it's very important that everyone should be aware of the consequences of how your data can be misused if you knowingly/unknowingly share your personal information publically.

This documentary shows how a company used more than 5000 data-points(In analytical context any single piece of information is a data point) to hack peoples mind in the US election, so the person will vote for the candidate he didn't wanted to vote and the company achieved this by the buzz word we all have heard of - Data Analytics .Sounds creepy right!!

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In a broader sense it's like a psychological warfare where you persuade people by using communication as a means and that too using their own data with their own consent! The documentary shows how the company used the data points of people from the social media datasets and created content by doing Analytics on that data than they used it to persuade them ie. used it for biased politics in the US election.

Let me explain in layman terms how it works!!  

You take the data from a person via social media feed, survey etc.  and  using data analytics you connect all the data points for this person like (likes, dislikes, interests, etc.),than you generate the content which are displayed in the form of ads and you continuosly trigger these ads in that particular person's feed and lastly this changes the perception of the person and he/she is not even aware that they are the victim here. And this is how you persuade the people to achieve the goals via technology such as machine learning, data analytics, data science. 

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Things you should remember when it comes to data:

  • It's high time we need to think twice before we click on any suspicious link. 
  • Never post any of your confidential data on any social media platform. 
  • Don't fill any survey form before checking it's authenticity (you'll be giving your data yourself). 
  • Stop downloading any app that asks for irrelevant permissions. 

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You'll get to know more of these facts when you'll watch the documentary. About the authenticity of how true the events are! All the whistle-blowers are former employees of the accused firm like Data Scientist, Business Analyst etc. 

Will keep you updated with such Data related posts, share this if you find it interesting. Till than bye.

Documentary link - 

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Best Data Analytics Documentary you should watch now!!

"Data is the new Oil ? NO: Data is the new soil" -David Mccandless Do you know how much data we create every single...