Sunday, 22 September 2019

How Amazon Echo works??


The amazon echo is a smart IOT device which listens to your voice and translates it into commands to perform tasks such as Turn ON/OFF lights, playing music, ordering products from amazon, setting alarm, etc. Read this blogpost to know how it works!!!

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon echo is a device which uses speech recognition to perform tasks, the actual brain which performs these tasks is Alexa. Alexa  uses a small computer along with microphones, speakers, and cloud computing (AWS). It performs a wide range of tasks using the 'Internet'. All you need is smart devices around you to make use of the echo fully. 

How Echo/Alexa works?

Echo is always ON, it connect's to the home wifi and stays ON. When you say something "Alexa..." it wakes up, Alexa records that voice and internally gathers voice commands and send them to the natural langauge voice recognition service in the clouds called Alexa Voice Service it interprets the commands and sends back the result.

Check this graphical representation to know how it works.


 What are Alexa compatible devices?
  • Echo
  • Echo dot
  • Echo show
  • Echo spot
  • Echo plus
  • Echo Input
  • Echo Show 5
  • Echo Tap
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What all home devices are compatible with Alexa other than Echo (smart speaker)?

Arlo Q - Smart Camera buy here

Ecobee (5th gen) - smart thermostat buy here

amazon echo

Philips hue white A19 starter kit - smart lights  buy here

Check this post for more updates about amazon Alexa. 

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