Sunday, 4 June 2017

Met shakthimaan !

Firstly I heard him in Pycon Pune reciting  "Nursery rhymes " ;) . It was one of the best thing in Pycon. Got to know from a meetup friend that he wrote a book on " I want to do a project tell me what to do ?". Had the same question since the time I started with python. So I Ordered the book  and started reading it. But I never thought that I'll be attending a hand's on workshop by the author himself on the same topic, sound's different but it happened. 
The workshop started at 10 am and shakthimaan was ready to help us ;), the teaching approach which shakti uses is just awesome every single slide which he displays has meaning .He took hand's-on workshop on git , I tried  git on windows (git bash) and this time I used Fedora. Previously I referred some YouTube videos , tutorials and what not But still the logical approach was missing,  but this workshop helped me in a logical sense .It not only helped me build my logic but it helped me get all basics about "FOSS", "getting started with contribution", "mailing list guidelines", "opensource" etc. 
Previously I was doubtful about the mind-map, how to select area of interest and how to focus on it and being " jack of all trades and master of  One ", Thank you shakthimaan for helping a beginner like me.

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